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Empowering our youth,

maximizing their potential through sports & education


Swish 2 Success provides children with access to pertinent tools and opportunities to help each member reach their maximum potential by way of sports and education as vehicles to achieve their dreams.


Swish 2 Success is where children can sharpen their technique and gain valuable life skills among trusted mentors, leaders, and tutors who truly care about their well-being and development. Since its inception in late 2018, Swish 2 Success has served nearly 3,00 kids, and looks forward to opening its doors to the hundreds of youth projected to join in the coming years. Swish 2 Success paves the way for its youth to create and sustain communal connections and valuable skills, ensuring its programs stay true to its mission to advance the youth of today and the future.

Swish 2 Success would like to give special thanks to all of our sponsors, especially our SLAM DUNK sponsors, whose gracious contributions helped to make our 5th Annual Swish 2 Camp possible for the youth of Shelbyville.  Thank you for your support!!!

CJ & George 


David Lighty, Jr

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Engage through sports

Inspire change & growth

Create positive, long-term relationships

Develop leadership skills

Facilitate academic excellence

The world of sports is highly competitive with only a small percentage of athletes reaching professional status. Although every child will not reach the pros, sports open many doors of opportunity such as academic scholarships, an enlarged network of valuable connections, and advanced goal setting and time management skills, among many other advantages. With those benefits in mind, Swish 2 Success uses the power of basketball to educate, inspire, and provide the proper tools and guidance to propel each child to where they want to be, on and off the court.

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